Hanoi Grilled Fish- 5$
Hanoi Grilled Fish "Cha Ca Hanoi" can be considered one of the symbols of the capital city. It was named after one street inside Hanoi Old Quarter. First served Hanoian gourmets since French colonial time by Kieu family, this dish has been being one of the most favorite dishes and the pride of Hanoi citizens.

The grilled fish must be made from a kind of fresh water fish called hemibagrus because it has very few bones and the flesh is very tasty. 

*Hanoi Fish Grill*      

Hanoi Fish Grill is operated by a local family in old quarter, it gives its best taste when it is still boiling in vegetable oil pan. Eating this special dish requires some techniques for the best enjoyment: grasp a piece of fish and then use spoon to draw some boiling oil in the pan to pour onto it and eat with rice vermicelli, fried peanuts, coriander, dill, spiced fresh onion and an indispensable ingredient – Mắm Tôm (shrimp paste) or Nước Mắm (fish sauce).

***Welcome from 11.00- 14.00 or 17.00- 20.00 (only accept booking online in advance)***

We only serve one specialty dish in our fish grill.

5USD/ per person


+ Include: 

- Grilled fish, fresh rice noodle.

- Fried peanuts, dill, spring onion, coriander, basil. 

 - Shrimp paste or fish sauce. 

- Free drinks: beer & wine, ice cream, coffee.


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